News Update #6 21/04/09

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News Update #6 21/04/09 Empty News Update #6 21/04/09

Post  Osborne1992 on Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:51 pm

Not much news today.

In RuneScape news.
Goudhaantje and Osborne1992 have succesfully killed Tz-tok-Jad in the fight caves. My 7th Attempt and I'm not sure how many times Goud has done it.


Pay for membership by SMS is now available in Canada!

"We’re pleased to announce that our Canadian players can now pay for membership of RuneScape or FunOrb by SMS. This means that you can purchase or renew membership using your mobile telephone. We know this is something that many Canadian players have been waiting for, so we're happy to be able to offer this service to all of them. If you’re a Canadian free player and want to know more about the benefits of membership, click here.

The following networks in Canada support PayBySMS:

* Bell
* (Fido) Microcell
* Rogers
* Sasktel
* Telus
* Virgin

We’re continuing to look into ways of making alternative payment methods available in other countries, and as soon as we’re able to offer these services, we’ll let you know."

2 more things for RuneScape.
We say farewell Easter Bunny as he leaves to prepare for another year of easter hell but next time it'll be his son cocking things up.

But we welcome a new, and fairly pathetic quest!

"Experienced adventurers will be familiar with Fremennik rites of passage, and the difficulties they present. It’s little wonder, then, that Fremennik children are always on the lookout for an easier path to adulthood, and Erjolf is no exception. Full of enthusiasm but short on skills, Erjolf will need your assistance if he is going to impress his kinsfolk.

Join him in his quest for a trophy, unravel the puzzling story behind a curious corpse, and discover the dark secrets of one of the most fearsome races to ever walk in Gielinor. You may find one or two useful allies along the way, who are willing to lend a helping hand.

It’s been great to work on a quest that involves one of RuneScape’s most mysterious races, and develop a plotline that’s been around since the early days of RuneScape. This is the first part of a new quest series, and paves the way for following quests.

Mod Roderick
RuneScape Content Developer

Where to start Tale of the Muspah:
Talk to Erjolf, north-east of Rellekka, at a cave halfway up a snow-covered mountain path.

Requirements to begin Tale of the Muspah:
10 Magic
10 Woodcutting
8 Mining
6 Firemaking
20 Crafting would be an advantage

In Other News…

Picking from a tree or bush has been sped up.

Several items that previously damaged you when used can no longer kill you. Don't worry, though - you can still use them to reduce your Hitpoints if you want to.

The Easter 2009 update has now been removed, and the associated music unlocked for all."

In Halo news.


In OSPRO news.

I have been told that the Donate button does work. Or at least. It takes you to but it should be working. So please donate to the site. The money can be put towards a Ventrilo server, Capture Card for beginning the Halo Machinima and getting our own domain on website and forum.
Please donate. Every little helps.

And a word to those wanting to spread the word of this site. Feel free to do so. But make sure to mention:
Signing up on this forum and getting known is your ticket to joining the OSPRO group and your ticket into the videos.

Finally. I have a crazy thought most days. But not long ago I had a great one. Halo meets RuneScape. A simple green screen effect on RuneScape would be enough to put a RuneScape character into the Halo game. And the interactions could be made into a comedic series.
All the more reason to donate and help us get that elusive capture card.

See you later everyone.

~OSPRO Founder~

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News Update #6 21/04/09 Empty Re: News Update #6 21/04/09

Post  Osborne1992 on Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:47 am


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News Update #6 21/04/09 Empty Re: News Update #6 21/04/09

Post  Goudhaantje on Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:27 pm

it was my 2nd attempt at jad:O

the new rs quest has great requirments lol.
new high level content please?.....jagex?! bounce
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News Update #6 21/04/09 Empty Re: News Update #6 21/04/09

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