News Update #8 27/04/09

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News Update #8 27/04/09 Empty News Update #8 27/04/09

Post  Osborne1992 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:00 pm

Not much in News today everyone.

First off,
Where the hell are Os 'n' Goud

The continuing banter with Osborne1992 and Goudhaantje comes to a runescape style "Where the hell is Matt" Matt (Harding) being the man who danced around the world.
This idea has been done but not in as many places.
But this video is being put on hold I'm affraid.
Many things are coming up and I have been putting things infront of it.
I am training Attack in Pest Control. Filming for this video will resume at break intervals but it will take a long time to do.
Also please keep an eye on youtube for a video saying I need dancers. That's your chance to be in the video.
Filming for Foo Fighters - The Pretender will begin soon though which is also why Where the hell are Os 'n' Goud is being delayed.

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

I am going to record videos with Fraps from now on. If you have seen Pathogen V2's 12th 99 video you will see it is in wide screen.
I also have been sent a plug in for Sony Vegas called Riot Gear. Unfortunately it didn't have any tutorials on it but it should be fairly easy to use as it is only effects.

But the days of Sony Vegas Pro 8 are limited. I have seen how I want the new OSPRO RuneScape/Halo introduction video to be but I have to learn how to use Adobe After FX and my god it's complicated.
Any GOOD tutorial for After FX would be welcome.

The image to be shown on future OSPRO videos is this:

News Update #8 27/04/09 OsborneProductionsRSHalo

If the video is an RS video then Halo will fade off the image and RuneScape will grown over the two people in the image and vice versa for Halo.

Also the OSPRO for the corner of videos is done for Halo. It's not imaginative but it'll stop people stealing my videos.

News Update #8 27/04/09 OSPRORS

News Update #8 27/04/09 OSPROHALO

Moving onto Halo videos.

A Capture card has been ordered and thanks go to Walm and Graham. Walm for showing me this easy to use capture card and Graham for ordering it once I gave him the money.

So Halo videos will be beginning soonish. Free postage from Hong Kong and it will take 5-12 working days. I can wait because it gives me more time to write scripts.

Re-writing the first four scenes of the machinima are coming along slowly. Posts in the OSPRO Halo forum will be updated in due course.

Also, important to those OSPRO Halo men and women, Auditions for voices will be taking place sometime around when I get the capture card.

Things you need before you may audition are:
1 - a working microphone - please have good sound quality on it to get the best out of the machinima.
2 - You need to be able to do at least two different voices. By this i mean, You need to be able to do, say an australian accent and country. At least two accents or voices. Please look at the "Cast" post for information about the voices of a character. Some characters are taken or written to suit a certain style of voice. These are characters I will play such as the main character, Ian Green was made to be as sarcastic and more like I am myself.
3 - You need MSN. At least the version that lets you send voice clips. Most recent or version just before will do fine.
4 - You must also need to be able to act accordingly. For instance, if the character is angry, don't be affraid to raise your voice. No doubt parents will come along thinking "what is that kid doing?" tell them that you are taking part in a drama piece and you are rehersing. OR just wait till they are out of the house.

If we don't get someone with all the things, then we shall open auditions to OSPRO RuneScape. I know for a fact some people have Microphones and MSN.

Also, what I can say to give you hopefuls a chance, one of the characters is American. So you have that in the bag if you are from the US and A.

So keep your eyes open for information of Auditions. A video will be made and put on the youtube channels Osborne1992 and OSPROHalo.


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