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Requirements and Application Empty Requirements and Application

Post  Osborne1992 on Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:54 pm

Hey there everyone. So you want to become a Halo Forger for OSPRO?
Well good on you my friend.

As a Halo forger you'd be expected to put some good effort into map making for OSPRO. Luckily however, if it is a set for the Halo Machinima series. If the set is no longer needed you can delete it to make room for anything else.

OSPRO Halo is not only a machinima series channel but it will also have maps made for battle such as slayer, infection, race, and so on.
It is a fairly important part of the OSPRO community.

So all I can say now is please read the requirements, copy and paste the application into a new topic and please be patient. No need to re apply unless denied to get a requirement.

Must have Halo 3 (you'd be kinda boned if you didn't have that one)
Must have experience with Map making using the various techniques such as merging.
Must supply a URL to your fileshare with one or two maps you have made uploaded to it. Do not take another person's map and call it your own.
Must be willing to spend time from gaming to build sets for machinima on time. Get it over and done with well and you can have more fun and relaxation.
Must be a Voiced member
Must have fun doing so. I don't want to push you into doing something you don't like.

Have you got Halo 3?
What is your Gamertag?
Are you registered on
What is your name on
Have you any experience with map making?
Please give a URL to your fileshare so we can see your map:
Will you take time out of gaming to make sets on time?
Are you Voiced?
Do you enjoy map making?
Are you keen to make maps every so often?

If you have a question about Forging application or anything else Forge related. go to the questions sticky.


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Requirements and Application Empty iz gon forge 4 u

Post  Walm on Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:27 pm

me n zak make sex-c mapz on haeloe 3 / you knowz all the infooh n-e wai an you sae no i gon do it n-e wai cuz you sae i is yore slaev

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